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Supported Assessments under Sensitive Claims
Step 1: Information about the Process

Thank you for looking at an Assessment with me - Dr Kumari Valentine.


Here is a  10 minute video that I made about the assessment process and what is involved. I orimarily made this for reassurance, because many people are worried about what the assessment involves. 


I've made the following form (Step 2) to gather information that will be needed for the supported assessment report. You are welcome to leave out questions if you need to. 

Step 2: Please complete an Assessment Request Form

This form can be completed by a therapist or a client but I strongly encourage that a client is involved because, as a client, this is your information and a report about you.

Assessment Request Form

Thank you so much for your request!

Step 3: Book the assessment

There are two appointments to book please.


Could you please book a 30 minute ISSC Phone Call for your client with Kumari (on a MONDAY) or pass on the link so your client can schedule a time that suits them. If client's enter their details, they can opt into a text reminder.  Please put the therapist's name under "staff" member


- Book a 2 hour face to face ACC Assessment ISSC for your client with Kumari (on a WEDNESDAY or a FRIDAY).


If there's a different time when you usually see your client, please let me know and I can see what I can arrange.  I generally find that the structure above works, but each person is an individual and may need a different structure. 

Step 4 - Therapists, please me a copy of the EPR

Could you please send me a copy of your EPR please? I will need it before I talk to your client on the phone and will use the information to understand specific vulnerabilities for your client. Often, because of the information in the EPR, I do not need to ask clients details about the events that happened.  THANK YOU!

022 321 4 123

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