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Step 1. Incapacity Assessments

Thank you for enquiring about incapacity assessments. There are various types, but all involve because of symptoms associated with an injury that has ACC cover (e.g., PTSD). The different types can be functional assessments, incapacity assessments, and Loss of Potential Earnings. 

I made video just below to explain the process and to outline what information is needed for this assessment. 

Step 2. Book the appointment

If this assessment is being done as part of the supported assessment, then please talk with me first as we may combined appointments. Use this page and booking link when you are booking in the appointment for this service only (i.e., the supported assessment has already been completed). Consider if you would like to have your therapist with you (in which case, please book in discussion with them) or a support person. 

Step 3. Anything else?

- Check that you know where the assessment will be held

- Do you need transport there? If you contact your recovery partner (or your therapist does), a taxi may be able to be organised.

- Do you need any other information?

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